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VERBO’s Characteristics

The Church is God’s Family
Everyone who accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior and commits himself to follow God’s commandments is a member of God’s eternal family. This family transcends space and time and brings together people of all nations and tongues and tribes, both men and women. Jesus is our elder brother and God is our Father. The Greek meaning of the word “church” is “called out”. This means that Christians, even though they are in the world, are no longer members of the world system because they were called out to take part in the Kingdom of God. Their role is to be instructors of salvation in Jesus and of the practical application of God’s will for humanity, and to be—as Jesus said in Matthew 5:13-14—salt and light on this earth.

God wants you to be a member of his family
The Father so loved the world that He sent Jesus so you could be reconciled to Him. This is the only way you can fully experience the richness of His love and grace. Not only that, he prepared a sure direction and destiny for your life, so that, following it, you can develop your full potential. God does not want you walking on the earth alone and without support so he formed a beautiful family in which His children can enjoy mutual support, unity, love and joy in serving each other.

Verbo is a part of the Body of Christ
Verbo Christian Church is a part of the Body of Christ with a particular expression of the love and purpose of God. What makes a person a member of a local church is his commitment to the other members, the leadership and the group’s purpose and vision. The Bible clearly says in the first letter of the apostle Paul to the Corinthians, “But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased (1 Corinthians 12:18).”

God has a place for every child
Each believer’s duty is to become part of the congregation that God wants him to join. The Bible says that the Church is the Body of Christ and that we belong to each other and we need to take care of each other’s needs. Just as an organ of the body cannot live disconnected from the rest of the body, the believer cannot live spiritually without being part of a local church where he can receive and give, serve and be served, love and be loved. This atmosphere of acceptance, belonging, power, spiritual care, and service that the church family provides creates an environment in which each member receives what he needs to grow in a healthy manner.
The chuch is a family of people which lives or under the sovereignty of Jesus

Verbo expresses a global mission
Verbo members first identify themselves with God’s purposes. Second, they identify themselves not only with a local congregation but also with a family of churches, schools and social programs that we call Verbo Ministries. This ministry’s mission is to manifest the Kingdom of God over all the earth.

Verbo’s Identity

Verbo is a very special church. The characteristics that determine its identity allow its members and visitors experience God in a new and real way.
These features include:

Inspiring Meetings
The presence of the Holy Spirit of God is evident during our meetings. It can be felt in the atmosphere. We worship with contemporary, powerful and dynamic music of very high quality. Preaching and teaching are powerful, yet simple–designed to help each person move forward in his journey to realize his potential as a human being and child of God and thus fulfill his will on the earth.

Activities Full of Enthusiasm
Faith is lived with enthusiasm, with passion and drive. We like to be within God’s plan and therefore really enjoy doing what we do.

Ample Space to Serve
All members have opportunities to use their gifts and abilities. Instead of being mere spectators, they become protagonists of church life, taking their place in the priesthood of believers.

Permanent Learning Opportunities
We have an effective system of training and discipleship that helps each member grow in the knowledge and practice of the Word of God so he can enjoy the blessings of a healthy life, fruitful and useful.

Special Attention to Visitors
We work to help those who visit us feel welcome. We aim to satisfy their concerns and needs by reaching out to them with the Gospel from a position of service and friendship. This is something we do with care and quality.

Efficient Organization
Our church has a firm but flexible structure that is always focused on to serving people. We conduct our activities with excellence and always strive for improvement.

Cordial Relationships
We are a family that enjoys spending time together–laughing, eating, playing, talking, and sharing life in a fraternal dimension. Our mutual commitment translates into actions that provide solutions to fundamental problems of our members. Our informal, friendly approach appears in all areas of our church, but especially in our churches-in-the-home and other small groups.

Lifestyle Based on Principles and Values
We are a church that teaches and lives by Biblical principles clearly taught in the Word of God. We consider that these eternal principles will never lose power and are applicable to every culture and in all time frames. We distinguish changeable traditions and cultural practices from immutable life principles.

Our congregations operate through teamwork. Acting as a team is fundamental to success in reaching those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior, in discipling them and in being living witnesses of the unity of the Body of Christ. The Bible clearly demonstrates through the harmony of the Trinity that interactions based on spheres of responsibility and cooperation should be the norm. We see also that the best way to accomplish this harmony of action is for each person to be guided by a well-rounded leadership team and not by a superstar leader or a lone commander.

Heart for Missions
There is rejoicing in Heaven when another person is born into a new life in Jesus. There is even greater satisfaction in our hearts when we are able to cross barriers of culture and language with the Good News of salvation in Jesus. . We are committed to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth.

Help for the Needy
We are always concerned with social work. We promote programs to help widows, orphans, the needy and strangers as an expression of love and compassion that God has placed in our hearts.

Intimacy with God
We promote and enjoy a deep relationship with Jesus. This is not a doctrine, but a reality. In our public services and in our private devotions we cultivate a love relationship with our Savior. We emphasize a life of holiness, prayer and genuine relationship with God.

Experience of Spiritual Gifts
The manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit is a normal extension of an intimate life with God. Prophecies, words of knowledge, healings, miracles and other divine manifestations are part of the spiritual experience of Verbo members.