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Verbo International History


It began in 1976. The Lighthouse Ranch, part of Gospel Outreach, was formed as a group of young people who found the answer to their life’s quest in the Lord Jesus Christ. They were born again and filled by the transforming power of His love and grace. Grateful for the work that God had done in their lives and determined to do something in return, they responded to a challenge to become disciples and servants.

Things weren’t easy. For most, full-time physical employment consumed the daylight hours. While early morning and evening hours were dedicated to prayer, study of the Word, praise and worship, and witnessing. But their commitment to obey and serve God grew.


Then it happened. In the winter of 1976 a major earthquake rocked the Central American country of Guatemala. Over 35,000 were left dead, many more injured, and hundreds of thousands of families were left homeless and hungry. Overnight, countless peoples’ lives had been uprooted and shaken to the core by disaster and heartbreak.

These young Lighthouse Christians were moved to action. In obedience to God’s leading, they left behind their roots: families, friends, jobs, and even their mother tongue. In a few short weeks, God provided them with vehicles filled with tools, clothing and bibles and they began a 3,000 mile journey south through Mexico to Central America.


They came to Guatemala to help rebuild a city. But God had a different plan in mind. He wanted to rebuild a people.

And so began the Guatemala Love Lift Team, which today is Verbo Ministries. Their first church meetings were held in theirs and soon in other’s homes. Building small houses in broken neighborhoods by day, and rebuilding the shattered lives of men, women and children by night … watching the love of God bring peace and hope into renewed hearts.

Within four short years, those few Lighthouse disciples had grown to a church of over 300, complete with a Christian school, with a heart to obey their God.


One of Christ’s clearest commandments was to “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations.”

These words were not forgotten by the men and women of Verbo. From the strong base in Guatemala, teams have since been sent out to it’s Latin neighbors. Vibrant, Spirit-filled churches soon sprung up in different countries, bringing the good news of eternal life to the fastest-growing peoples in all the world.

Today, over 15,000 men, women and children have come to find new life and purpose in Jesus Christ through the work of Verbo Ministries. Disciples are being formed today in nine nations to carry on with the Great Commission.

Thousands more have experienced true Christian charity the the schools, orphanages and medical ministries established by these faithful servants of the Lord.

What began as a seed planted in the hearts of a few young believers over thirty years ago has now grown to take its place among the most effective missionary outreaches in Latin America.