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Serving as an usher is a great way to get started in the church. Jesus came to serve and not to be served. He showed us by example and everything that He did, He did to glory the Father. If you would like to become part of the ushers please speak to the coordinator.


  1. Before any meeting starts – All ushers must arrive 60 minutes prior to every meeting.
  2. Sweeping and Mopping floors – Make sure all floors are clean before and after every service.
  3. Washrooms – Make sure all washrooms are clean before and after each service. Make sure there is toilet paper in every washroom before and after every meeting.
  4. Chairs and tables – All chairs must be aligned before and after every service. Set up tables when needed for food or special occasions.
  5. Carpets – All carpet areas must be vacuumed before and after every service.
  6. Stage – Stage must be swept and mopped if necessary before and after every meeting.
  7. Greeting people –Ushers are responsible for greeting and welcoming all guests. They are responsible for making any new guests feel welcomed at the end of each service. They must be ready to help people find a seat when necessary and hand out the newsletter to all the people that arrive. You must ask your team leader for the newsletters.
  8. Offerings – Ushers are responsible to collect the offerings and take them to the back to the person responsible for them.
  9. Dress Code: All ushers must be dressed presentable in every service. Make sure clothing items do not promote anything ungodly.
  10. Special events – All ushers are required to help out at special events such as seminars, anniversaries and joint meetings. Your leader will give instructions on how to distribute the workload. Please notify your team leader if you are unable to attend a special event.
  11. Not being able to make a meeting – All ushers are responsible to speak to their group leader if they are unable to make a service. Please notify them in advance to give them enough time to find another person to cover you.
  12. Conflicts or disagreements with other ushers – If you find your self in disagreement with another usher in your team please notify your group leader.